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Telecommunting: Working From Home


Is Your Dating Profile a Tad Rapey?


Meet The Drunks (1st Place Submission)

No Time to Explain (2nd Place, 69 Hour Comedy Film Fest)

Zombie/Ghost (Web-Series Teaser)


A Picture's Worth


Earth's Most Valuable Resource


The House Your 20s Built

A New Outfit: A Message from Dr. Kim Wright


The Friend Zone - How Seymour Gets Out


Awkward Firsts: Ep. 1 "Who's Your Daddy?"


Pregnant Pause


Love Stinks


The Dead Robin Sketch -- Batman in a Monty Python Homage



Speak App: Helps You Put Your Phone Down

The Misfit: Starring Santa and Charlie in the Box


The Banana Walk of Shame: A Halloween Short Film

Clown Nose Job

Boyhood: Carmen's Audience Review


Barbie & Ken: Can Girls Be Computer Programmers?


Watching Paint Dry (Paint Sticks Up for Himself)


STEEL: The Revolutionary New Weightloss Technique


Danny LIKES Storytime


Autocorrect Won't Let me Sext


Boobs on the iPhone: 58,008

Billy the Bull Meets Ollie the Ox


Good Fortune in Bed


After the Money Shot


History of Angry Drunk Texts


The Real House Robots of Detroit



Don't Drop the Baby

The Naughty List: Why Orphans Believe in Santa


Engagement Ring Return


Super Mario Tribute "Plumber Time"

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